Interesting Stuff: Early February 2010

Installments of Interesting Stuff will be shorter this year, as I can’t keep spending as much time on it. I will be sticking mostly to blogs for my material and not trawling through PhysOrg etc as I did last year.

Here are some recent articles, most of which were published while I was on holiday.

  • Two articles about the colours of dinosaur feathers [1, 2].
  • Neuroscience of comedy.
  • Small, ground-based telescopes are now capable of analysing exoplanet atmospheres.
  • Clean smells and dark sunglasses influence moral behaviour.
  • The January 11 episode of 365 Days of Astronomy is my favourite so far this year.

I’ve added a sidebar link to the blog Observations of a Nerd. Christie’s articles on feral dogs in Moscow and toads that don’t have tadpoles are well worth reading.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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