Inverloch photographs

I’ve just got back from a holiday in Victoria.

My parents spent the week as volunteers digging up dinosaur bones at Inverloch. I spent much of it in Melbourne, catching up with my uncle and aunt, but we all spent a few days together at Inverloch as well.

We caught up with relatives at Nhill, both on the way there and on the way back. On the way back we went via Shepparton, where I caught up with a much-valued friend I haven’t seen in thirteen years. It was very nice to see her again.

Right now I don’t really feel like describing our holiday in detail, but feel free to ask questions. The rest of this post is devoted to my beach photographs.

Day one at Inverloch (i.e. the day my uncle, aunt and I joined my parents there):

Day two at Inverloch (walking from the campsite to the fossil site):


Day three at Inverloch (on a walking trail):

Day four at Inverloch (more around the fossil site):

Left: a piece of petrified wood embedded in the cliff face. Right: the orange parts of the foreground rock are more petrified wood.

Left: here you can see the people on the fossil site. Right: a peak around the next corner.

Lunchbreak at Kilcunda (on the way back to Melbourne):

[Update: My parents get a couple of mentions on the Dinosaur Dreaming blog. See here and here.]

[Update 2014: I’ve decided to remove some of the photographs from this post, leaving only the best from each day.]

2 Responses to “Inverloch photographs”

  1. njh Says:

    Very nice, did mum and dad find anything particularly interesting in the fossils?

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    Well, Dad found a tooth; this is mentioned as a “Find of the Day” on one of the blog posts I linked to in the Update.

    My own impression upon seeing some of the finds was something like, “Oh, that’s a fossil, is it? Looks like a bit of stained rock from here.” There was certainly nothing iconic, nothing that one could imagine being used as an illustration in a book about dinosaurs.

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