Fractal collection

I’m in the process of moving stuff from my old website to the blog, or to my new website, or to, depending on where I think it belongs. Today I’d like to share my fractal collection.

The first one is generated by a formula that I stumbled upon in the nineties (when I originally created these images). Artistically, I see some sort of magical artifact, perhaps the knob from a wizard’s staff.

The next one is a ‘julia’ set corresponding to the ‘mandelbrot’ set above. (I realise some of my descriptions will be cryptic to readers who don’t know much about fractals, but you can enjoy them anyway.) I see it as some sort of cosmic egg from which suns might hatch.

The next couple of images use a variation of the formula used by the first image, in which the bailout value is a function of the pixel value. Here is a fractal spider’s web, all sticky and covered in bits of leaf.

And here is a psychadelic spiral. You may recognise a small portion of it from the avatar I use on various parts of the Internet (adjacent).

The following image, as I interpret it, shows two Christmas trees engaged in psychic warfare with each other. Unfortunately the formula I used to create this fractal is lost.

Finally, here is an image I call Mandelbrot Ex Machina. It has regions with mechanic regularity, regions with moire patterns, regions with fractal self-similarity, and regions with complete disorder. In the centre is what looks to me like a cogwheel with mandelbrot shapes instead of cogs — part of a machine that endlessly grinds away turning order into the sawdust of chaos.

Mandelbrot Ex Machina

If you want more, I shared another fractal from my collection in a previous post, along with a related video.

All of the above images were created using Fractint, a old DOS program that  be used in conjunction with the DOSBox emulator. I have uploaded a zip file containing:

  • Fractint .frm file (containing formulas used by the fractals)
  • Fractint .par file (containing parameters for the individual images)
  • Four fractint .map files (containing 256-colour palettes used by the images)

A few things to note:

  • In the .par file, the item aaaaaaaa restores settings that the other items in the file assume to have been set. You should therefore load aaaaaaaa immediately prior to loading any other item in the .par file, or the fractals may not display correctly.
  • The .par file assumes 800×600 resolution. If you want to use 1064×768 resolution instead (say), edit aaaaaaaa in the .par file and replace video=sf6 with video=sf7. (Note, however, that with higher resolutions you’re more likely to encounter DOSBox bugs.)

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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