Sequel to the Christmas parlour games post

In my previous post (the final for 2009), I described a rotary drawing game from the book Parlour Games for Modern Players by Myfanwy Jones and Spiri Tsintziras.

We’ve also tried out some other games. A favourite of mine was Who’s Closest? (page 229) — essentially the parlour game version of cold reading. Another interesting one is Mafia (page 118), a game of psychology and murder invented in 1986.

But back to the drawing game: we played another round on New Year’s Eve, and my favourite excerpt is reproduced below. (I wrote the caption about mathematical symbols.) Following that is an excerpt from yet another round that we played in the new year.

The following is from January. I wrote the “wish” caption, referring to the tradition of making a wish when cutting a birthday cake.

A drawing of mine from later the same game:

[Update: For yet another excerpt, see this June 2011 post.]


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