Parlour games for Christmas

Among the gifts I got for Christmas was a copy of the book Parlour Games for Modern Families by Myfanwy Jones and Spiri Tsintziras, which some other relatives and friends also received (apparently Mum bought it after hearing Myfanwy Jones on the radio). Today — with my uncle’s family here — we tried out two or three games from the book.

Among the games we tried was the rotary drawing and captioning game from pages 31-32 (titled Eat Poop You Cat, with some alternative names also acknowledged). Basically, each person draws a small picture near the top of a strip of paper (one strip per player), and writes a caption above it, the sillier the better. Having done that, they fold the paper so that the picture but not the caption can be seen, and then pass the paper to the next person around the table. Each person must now write a caption for the picture they have just received, and then fold the paper so that the new caption but not the picture it refers to can be seen, and pass the paper on. Each person thus receives a caption, and must draw a picture to go with it. Repeat until the strips of paper are full. Finally, unfold and review the results of the collaboration.

We prepared each sheet of paper by cutting A4 sheets longwise, and then sticking the two halves together the other way to create extra-long strips with room for eight A7-sized panels each (a picture and a caption on each panel). Below are some excerpts that I’ve selected to represent the highlights from the game.

— 1 —

People mentioned in the excerpt below are my cousin Laura (soon on her way to the Northern Territory), and my uncle David. My contribution was the caption “Santa’s new global recruitment policy“.

— 2 —

For the following excerpt, my contribution was the picture in between “Who invited the dog to the rabbits’ birthday?” and “Carrot cake! My favourite!“.

— 3 —

The mulberry tree below was inspired by the fact that we’d been picking mulberries before lunch. My contribution was the “old witch” caption, and my aunt is the guilty party responsible for the “watch” pun.

(A couple of panels later, there was a picture of a person with a normal head and legs, but a clock for a body, in response to the caption “time passes by“. I responded with the caption, “I always wanted three hands, but this is not what I meant“.)

— 4 —

Here is the last of the excerpts I’ve selected. My contribution was the picture of the man with the gun and the bow and arrow hanging on the tree.

[Update: I’ve posted a sequel to this post.]

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