Interesting Stuff: Late October 2009


  • I like this picture. So much better than a silly face.
  • Energetic space ribbon shows that the heliosphere is not understood.

Biology and Animal Behaviour:

General Science:

Palaeontology and Anthropology:

  • Archaeopteryx grew slowly, like dinosaurs.
  • A claim that 1/3 of supposed dinosaur species, including Nanotyrannus, were really just juveniles. [Update: more]
  • Another article on Ardipithecus, with a point about the evolution of bipedalism.

Psychology and Brain Science:

  • Using computer games to study autism.
  • New insight into how the brain generates speech.

Social and Cultural:

  • Recently uploaded on the TED Talks Youtube video, a very well-presented talk about stories and culture.
  • An article about the history of Islam.

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