Interesting Stuff: Late August 2009

Here is another collection of the most interesting things I’ve found on the Internet lately.



Human Behaviour:

  • Report on shareholder prejudice against female board members.
  • Recognising facial expressions in Western and Eastern cultures.
  • A new study debunks the popular belief that people who are lost walk in circles with a preferred direction and radius.

Language and Philosophy:

  • Fun tool for iterative translation to/from Japanese. (Note that it’s very sensitive to punctuation, and will give a very different result depending on whether or not your sentence ends with a full stop.)
  • On a language blog, I participated in a comment thread that raises both linguistic and social issues. I think it contains rich sociolinguistic pickings re: how miscommunication occurs and how topics involving sexuality seem particularly prone to it.
  • The popular etymology of the orang-utan is only half true.

Technology and Archaeology:

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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