Interesting Stuff : Early August 2009

Herewith my latest round-up of interesting things from on the Internet:



  • Fertile mice cloned from skin cells.
  • Chemical discovery leads to understanding/reduction of anaphylactic shock.
  • The latest science on weird insect-infecting fungus.
  • Like humans, rats have varying tolerances for being tickled.
  • How to sound big, if you’re an orang-utan.

Internet and Social:

  • Cute tool to see how many hits a Wikipedia article gets.
  • Apparently Australia turns out to be less sexually egalitarian than other countries. This surprises me, and I want it stopped.

Physics and Technology:


  • Oldest known animal fossils from lake not ocean.
  • Earliest known (Permian) tree-climbing vertebrate. A few more details here.
  • Fossil pterosaur gives up its secrets.


  • I spent some time browsing some of the TED talks archives on Youtube. Among the best videos I found were two talks by Hans Rosling global statistics versus common assumptions about the world (the second talk is a sequel to the first) plus a talk by Bill Stone about how exploring other planets begins with exploring inside this one. The videos are a few years old, but you definitely want to see them.
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