Interesting Stuff: Late May 2009

Here are some things that I found interesting over the last couple of weeks.

Archaeology and History:

  • I linked to the World Digital Library in my previous collection, and would now like to follow up by discussing the specific items to be found there. Feel free to mention your favourites in the comments. Browsing the items that are written in modern English, I enjoyed an 1883 book of poetry about London and a 1911 edition of Hans Christian Andersen.
  • From Babelstone, a discussion of the ancient Chinese board game of Liubo – including historical context, literary references, evidence pertaining to rules, etc – followed by lots of pictures.
  • New archaeological dating method for ceramics.

Astronomy and Technology:


Geology, Oceanography and Palaeontology:

  • The Andes Mountains turn out to be much older than previously believed. (On a personal note, one of the dating methods mentioned in the article is part of my father’s line of work.)
  • When I started university in the mid nineties, my original plan was to study oceanography. The conveyor belt model of ocean circulation was no small part of the course, but reality now seems to be more complicated.
  • Fossils of giant trilobites.

Photography and Visual Psychology:

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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