My sister’s wedding

My sister married Ellis Smith on 28 March 2009. The ceremony took place on Ellis’s farm at Port Julia, with perfect weather.

The building which served as the chapel had been restored especially for the occasion, and I took the following pictures on the day before the wedding. You may find it instructive to compare the second photograph to the one featured on the wine labels. (Speaking of which, I’m told the use of bells in the decorations was actually inspired by my label design.)

rebecca_ellis_chapel1 rebecca_ellis_chapel2

Much of the music for the ceremony was provided by the Schellenberger family, good friends who came all the way from Germany to be there. The younger generation have been here several times before, but this is the first time their parents have been in Australia. It was very nice to see them all. Lukas played the french horn for several hymns, and Friedhilda sang a German blessing while accompanying herself on the piano.

Here is a picture of the piano, taken not long before the ceremony started.


I wasn’t able to take many good pictures during the ceremony, because there were people sitting in front of me and the action was too far away for my zoomless camera, but I must tell you a few things about it.

It was a very child-friendly occasion, with many families having brought their children along. As many readers will know, it’s common for weekly Christian church services to include what’s called a children’s talk — wherein the youngest members of the congregation are invited to the front of the church for a little sermonette of their own, in full view of the adult congregation. Children’s talks are not traditional at weddings, though, so it was innovative of Rebecca and Ellis to include one in theirs. As part of this, the minister handed out paper and coloured pencils and invited the children to draw a picture of what was happening. I think it was a very good idea, and helped the adults to relax as well by making it obvious the event was not intended to be formal and stuffy.

One incident tickled my sense of irony. Just before the vows, the minister spoke (as ministers usually do on such occasions) about how things will inevitably go wrong for Rebecca and Ellis during their life together, and right at that exact moment a blowfly landed on Ellis’s face, providing what I thought was an excellent symbol of things going wrong. But I must say that Ellis hardly flinched and if I wasn’t near the front of the room I wouldn’t have noticed the fly at all.


Below, some photographs of the chapel after the ceremony.




Here’s a picture of the shed that was used for the reception, taken the day before the wedding.


The wedding cake, not long before the ceremony.


The barn dance, which took place as part of the reception.


Post-ceremony entertainment for children was provided by a bouncy castle.


Finally, here’s a photograph of Ellis talking to Anna Schellenberger while repairing Rebecca’s dress.


As for the pictures the children drew during the ceremony, I haven’t seen them, but during the reception it transpired that the prize for the best drawing was a kiss from Rebecca. Another child would presumably have received a kiss from Ellis, but whoever drew the picture that Ellis liked best didn’t own up. (Despite not knowing what the prize was at that point!)

[Update: I’ve posted some of the official wedding photographs here.]

7 Responses to “My sister’s wedding”

  1. Daryl Says:

    Great report Adrian, from one who was there it bought it all back to me vividly.

    I missed the fly on Ellis’s face!

    Bestwishes, Daryl

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    You had to be looking in exactly the right place to see the blowfly.

    I’ve deleted a comment from Dad, in which he said the above was “very nicely described”. Thing is, I used Dad’s computer over the weekend and didn’t log out from the blog, so it looked like Dad’s comment was written by me.

  3. Suzanne Marlow Says:

    Thanks Adrian for your brilliant description – it was the next best thing to being able to be there. I managed to sneak two seconds of the bride’s time at the reception as well which a surprise and the next best thing to a kiss!
    I cannot believe the shed scrubbed up that well… and the barn was beautiful… B&E could make a nice little earner hiring it out if barley prices bottom out. :)

  4. okathleen Says:

    What a charming ceremony, thank you for sharing your day…

  5. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    I’m glad that my description of the event is appreciated, and by such a variety of people – some who were there, some who were unable to be there, and some who knew nothing of the wedding or of the people involved. You’re all welcome.

  6. Brian Says:

    Good one, Adrian! I too, missed the blowfly. Point taken though. There’s always something around the corner waiting to change your day – sometimes the things that go wrong turn out to be the very things that reveal a new possibility if you don’t spend all your time complaining. Great to see you at the wedding.

  7. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    It’s hard to imagine what the opportunity in a blowfly might be. A plentiful source of protein, I suppose.

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