Interesting Stuff: March 2009

Another episode of the series in which I share my personal journey of reading interesting stuff on the Internet and learning more about the world.


Archaeology and Palaeontology:

  • Earliest known domestication of horses, reported here and here (and many other places).
  • Feathers evolving on the wrong sort of dinosaur.
  • An article from last October, about tools left behind by prehistoric chimpanzees. (In an aside, also mentions dinosaurs with opposable claws, which is also new to me.)


Fun Animal Videos:


Linguistics and Language Psychology:

Medicine and Biochemistry:

Physics and Chemistry:

  • Growing microtubes and controlling their shapes.
  • Physicists learn more about the behaviour of matter under extreme pressure, as in the middle of gas giants.
  • Surprising behaviour of sodium under pressure.

Psychology and Brain Science:


I’ve been unsure for some time whether I should publish one or two collections a month, but I wanted to give the monthly schedule a fair go. Because this installment is far too long, though, I will try publishing twice a month for a while and see how that goes. I anticipate that with publication every fortnight or so, small interruptions to life, or changes to my routine, will have quite a large effect on the length of an installment. That’s one reason why I’ve clung to monthly publication for a while, to give less prolific weeks and more prolific weeks enough time to average out.

My plan is to publish an installment during the week that begins on the 7th of a month and during the week that begins on the 21st of a month, with the possibility of skipping an episode now and then. If you don’t want to wait, you can (as always) follow my nominations for upcoming installments on Twitter.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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