Wedding wine labels

I’ve been training at a local graphic design place for several months now, and so recently my family asked if I could design some labels to be used on wine bottles at my sister’s wedding next month.

I’ve been working on this, and here’s what I’ve created:


The photograph was supplied by Rebecca and Ellis, who wanted a picture from the barn in which the ceremony will be held. The picture was taken when the barn was undergoing repairs including the construction of a new roof, and shows the couple climbing on the freshly installed supports.

I thought the photograph lent itself well to a bell-shaped border, and the rest of the design pretty much suggested itself from there.

There will be several varieties of wine, of which I don’t actually have the list yet.

5 Responses to “Wedding wine labels”

  1. winelabels Says:

    Just a couple of suggestions from someone in the personalised wine label business.

    Firstly, put the wedding date on the label, it makes it a bit more personal.
    Secondly,have a rethink about the name font. Best to go for a clearer one. Older guests at the wedding might have difficulty reading it, and so miss the point.

    Like the bell framing, might use that idea myself!

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I’ve had fun designing it, and the people in charge of my graphic design training were happy for me to do so, on the grounds that I get the experience without them having to do quite as much work creating exercises for me.

    I’m mildly curious about how you stumbled upon my post within a couple of hours of me posting it.

  3. winelabels Says:

    I have a google alert set up for “winelabels”


  4. podblack Says:

    I have a Google alert up for ‘coolstuff’. :) Very nice! Yes, I agree with the date (I have a bottle from the anniversary of my school and the date makes it particularly special) and I kind of agree about the font… maybe if it’s all the same font, like in the green bits?

    That is very, very coolstuff. :)

  5. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    I’ll certainly give it some thought, and also ask Rebecca what she thinks next time I speak to her. Personally I’d be sorry to lose the cursive script down the sides, as I like the effect. (Besides, the guests already know the couple’s names…)

    I know that they’re planning a barn dance at the wedding, and that they’ve hired a bouncy castle to entertain children. I can’t help putting the two together in my imagination and visualising the barn dance happening inside the bouncy castle…

    At their engagement party I gave them some Monty Python merchandise, including a Tim the Enchanter hat and a cow catapult. Of course, I won’t reveal what their wedding present is before the event, but I’ve had it in a box for almost exactly a year now…

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