Warrnambool holiday

Today I got back from a week’s holiday in Warrnambool, where my cousin Rosemary lives and this season’s main family reunion was held. For the first time I met my youngest relative, Joshua, who was born on 22 September last year and is now learning to roll over. He dribbles a lot and likes it when I play music on the upper two octaves of the piano.

I had no Internet access during that week, so no, I haven’t been reading your blog lately (I’ll start catching up tonight). Today I had my follow-up appointment after that incident with my throat, so I’ve updated that post. Most of what follows are photographs from the holiday.

I travelled in the car with my parents, and played music from my personal CD collection. We slept in Penola on the way. CDs played between Adelaide and Warrnambool were:

  • Australia All Over (Ian McNamara, 1987)
  • Here I Stand (Oysterband, 1999)
  • Guardians of the Reef (David Hudson, 1996)
  • Tóg É Go Bog É (Kíla, 1998)

The photographs below were taken on my mobile phone, which allows no adjusting or zooming but is good enough for casual holiday use. Though you may notice some discoloration at exactly the same location in every picture.

First, a couple of shots of the Merri River. The second shows the Wellington Street Bridge.

0119091733-002 0119091727-001

The following three photographs were taken to or from the playground by Lake Pertobe.

0120091145-00 0120091233-00 0120091310-00

A magpie posed for me there, so I took several photographs.

0120091203-00 0120091203-04

The Merri River meets the sea next to Pickering Point, which juts out towards two little islands – Merri Island and Middle Island. Of the following two photographs, the first is taken from Pickering Point looking out towards Merri Island, and the second shows Merri Island on the right and Middle Island on the left, with a rock in the foreground.

0122091638-01 0121091741-01

The first photograph below shows some members of the extended family playing by Pickering Point, near a small cave. The second photograph shows the view towards Merri Island from inside another, larger cave.

0120091627-01 0125091719-01

The following two photographs show the footbridge to Pickering Point across the mouth of the Merri River. The first shows it close up and the second shows it from a distance.

0121091748-00 0121091827-01

The following two photographs were taken from the walking trail between Pickering Point and Thunder Point.

0122091650-04 0121091833-00

Sunset at Thunder Point. Also kite-flying.

0120092113-00 0123091124-03

The Earthrace paid a visit to Warrnambool while we were there, and I took the following photographs. The first shows the crowd of people come to see the boat.

0124091411-04 0125091812-00

Here are my remaining Warrnambool photographs. The first shows the Hopkins River near the mouth, and I took it on a bicycle ride. There are some nice cliffs just around the corner, but I wasn’t able to take a picture of them. The second photograph was taken in the Warrnambool botanic gardens.

0125091056-04 0124091202-02

We visited a number of places nearby, including Port Fairy, Tower Hill, and the Bay of Islands. I would have liked to take a photograph near the entrance to Tower Hill, but we didn’t get out of the car until we were well into the valley. I took the following three pictures at the Bay of Islands, which is on the Great Ocean Road.

0123091410-01 0123091436-00 0123091429-00

Those are all my photographs; the pictures below were all taken by other people. Of the next pair, the first is taken outside Rosemary’s house, and shows the young girls of my family collaborating to turn me into a monster with chalk, while the second shows the lighthouse at Port Fairy, with me walking on the wall.

101_1532 100_1556

A couple of wildlife photographs.

100_1573 100_1555

Some of the girls went horseriding at Warrnambool, and here are some of their pictures.

imgp2311 img_1734 img_1742 img_1747

At the end of the week we travelled home the same way we got there, this time sleeping in Meningie with friends. Music from my CD collection played in the car between Warrnambool and Adelaide were:

  • Hunting the Hedgehog (Robin Huw Bowen, 1994)
  • Rhythm of the Heart (Surkuy, year unknown)
  • West Along the Road (Jimmy Gregory, 1996)
  • In Between (Meir Banai, 1992)
  • Ranarop: Call of the Sea Witch (Gjallarhorn, 1997)

2 Responses to “Warrnambool holiday”

  1. Laura Says:

    Hey Adrian!
    Those photo’s look great! It’s amazing that phones can take such great photos these days! It was a great holiday!

  2. John Cowan Says:

    When it comes to long-term meds, it’s a one way street. Welcome to the club.

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