Back from holidays, but not for long

Yesterday I returned from spending Christmas and New Year with family, but I’ll soon be off again for a gathering of extended family in Warrnambool between the 17th and 26th of January. Right now I’m feeling rather tired and overwhelmed with stuff to do.

I took some photographs while I was on Yorke Peninsula, but the only camera I had with me was the one in my mobile phone. The best picture I took was this one from the clifftop walk at Ardrossan. (We sometimes claim that the silos you can see in the distance are the local equivalent of a castle.)


More family news follows.

At Warrnambool I will meet my youngest relative for the first time. Joshua was born on 22 September 2008, and is the third child of my cousin Robert. He is also the first male child of that generation, with four older sisters and cousins.

My sister has finished her medical degree and has just started work as a doctor, though she’ll be working under a more senior doctor’s supervision for some time to come. Her wedding to Ellis Smith is coming up at the end of March, and I’m going to design the labels for the wine bottles.

I caught up with one of my relatives who used to live in Alice Springs but is now in Maitland, and therefore quite close by when I visit my parents. I had some very rewarding conversations with her and — in conjunction with that — lent her a couple of books that she enjoyed.

I hope you’ve all had a good start to the year.


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