A new star for Christmas

I’m now at my parents’ place for the Christmas break.

For many years we’ve had a star to put on top of the Christmas tree. It was home made — from cardboard and alfoil and soft, flexible wire (for attaching it to a branch) — but after more than a quarter of a century, it is now looking rather worn.

Last year we tried buying a new star from a shop. This was a disaster, because the star turned out to be way too heavy to be supported by the flimsy uppermost branches of a pine tree, and also lacked a practical method for being attached (the metal coil underneath counts as an impractal method). I’ve never seen a star for sale in any shop, anywhere, that could actually be placed on the top of a real Christmas tree (as opposed to one of those plastic things that have never been anywhere near soil).

So this year I offered to make a new one the foil-and-cardboard way, because that works. Here are some images that show the new star in the process of construction; the first two show it from the back so that you can see the gardening wire used to attach it to a branch.

xmasstar1 xmasstar2 xmasstar3

The old star was five-pointed, and can be seen on some of the photographs here. The design for the new one is my own.

One Response to “A new star for Christmas”

  1. Podblack Blog Says:

    Oh, that’s lovely! :) I just throw some tinsel onto the ornamental tree in my hall, so I’m a bit behind in comparison. :)

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