Curtains and floors

My floors have now been renovated. They look great, and there is a very noticeable improvement in insulation. This was the last of the major renovations  I’ve been planning for some time, so my home looks more-or-less the way I want it now.

In a lesser renovation, I recently had new curtains installed in the living room and office. I’ve mentioned this as upcoming didn’t blog about when it happened, as I thought it best to wait and write about both renovations at once. (I also had my exterior doors replaced recently, but that doesn’t count.)

Here’s a photograph showing the curtains and the floor in the living room. (The telephone cable is currently lying loose; fixing it is a job for another day.)


And here are the office curtains. The various shades of oranges and browns help to unify the many different sorts of wood in my furniture.


I want to get new curtains in the bedroom as well, but haven’t found a pattern I like yet.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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