Second anniversary

Friday 10 October will be the second anniversary of this blog. But things will be rather busy around then (I’m having my floors replaced on the 8th, which means concentrating on the housework in the meantime, and there’s the Skeptics’ Convention to go to on the 11th and 12th) so it seems more sensible to write the anniversarial post now rather than try to do everything at once.

So let’s reminisce a while.

Here are some of the themes I wrote about when this blog was new:

  • Games. One of the very first things I wrote about was the playtesting of Peaks and Pits, a domino game I invented. Soon after I wrote about card games that I’ve played with family but didn’t invent, including Ups and Downs, Donkey, and others.

If you started reading this blog at some point after its beginning, I encourage you to visit the above links and see how it all started. I also encourage you to leave a comment on one of those early posts. For example, if you try one of the games I described, you might post a comment summarising how it went. Or if you have a memory that comes to mind when you read one of my own, you might share that. Of course, you may share something I haven’t even thought of, and that’s welcome too.

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One Response to “Second anniversary”

  1. Ssirienna Says:


    I will take the time to peruse properly later this evening, but on 1st glance, it’s a good collection of memories, etc for your anniversary post!

    My time tends to be torn between work and 2 children (12 & 11) so I don’t always follow through with comments when I’ve read theings on the web!

    Apologies if I’ve missed you!

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