Interesting stuff #4

Another collection of interesting stuff I’ve learned on the Internet – in this case since about mid September. The previous installment is here.

  1. A brief overview of linguistic typology. I’ve known most of this stuff for a long time, but this article filled in a few gaps in my knowledge.
  2. Geoff Pullum on the grammar of “once.
  3. Pompeii myth busting.
  4. I don’t like beer. Nevertheless, I was interested to read this.
  5. News about fossils improves our understanding of very early animal life, very early land life, and where fish fingers come from. Meanwhile, geological discoveries reveal the world’s oldest rocks.
  6. I intend to check out ChaosPro sometime. I could use a more modern fractal generation program, and the hook for me is compatibility with FractInt. [Update: I had all sorts of problems with ChaosPro when I eventually tried it out.]
  7. Some thoughts about milestones in the evolution of humanity.
  8. Face recognition in crows.
  9. It seems that agriculture has been around longer than we thought. (I don’t understand half the technical genetic stuff, but I got the link here.)
  10. In astronomy, gravity from beyond the cosmic horizon. And, closer to home, snow on Mars.

In offline news, I recently visited a bookshop and bought a copy of the 150th anniversary illustrated edition of the first edition Origin of Species. I’ve read bits online, but now I can read it in bed. (If I had an audio edition I could close my eyes, but that might take some compression.)

One Response to “Interesting stuff #4”

  1. Julie paradox Says:

    So, will that beer become known as the amber nectar? Ho ho ho.

    I like the language log, but sometimes (as in this case) my eyes start to glaze over. My education was insufficiently endowed with ablatives and what not.

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