More kitchen pictures

My home is reasonably clean and tidy at the moment, as I’d been told that my floors would be renovated on the 28th, which is two days from now. But I received a phone call this morning to say that the stock has not arrived, so I don’t know when my floors will be renovated. This sort of thing is annoying. But I might as well take photographs while it’s clean.

As I’ve previously explained, showing off my new kitchen is not easy, as the camera insists upon rendering as dark blue that which the eye knows to be dark green. But I’ve had another go now, with the results you see below.

In the following picture I’ve adjusted the colours manually, and they are something of a compromise. In order to get the blinds etc vaguely close to their true green colour, I had to make the white areas yellower than they really are. But it’s the best I can do.


Now here is a close-up of the tiles (the ones that look black are dark green in life).


My main post about the kitchen renovation (before the tiling was done) is here.

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