Interesting Stuff: First in a Series

I recently experimented with using Twitter as a place to store links to interesting stuff on the Internet. This didn’t work out the way I originally planned, so I’ve decided to modify my approach.

I now intend to do a regular series on this blog of interesting things I’ve found recently on the Internet and use the Twitter account simply as a way of storing nominations for the next installment without cluttering up my offline bookmarks.

In the past, I’ve occasionally used this blog to recommend websites, but they’ve generally been sites I’ve had in my bookmarks for some time, and presented several at a time based on some common theme. I may well continue to do this occasionally. One website I’ve been wanting to recommend is this fantastic collection of optical illusions, but I just wasn’t able to fit it into a suitable theme.

Anyway, here’s my very first collection of interesting things I’ve learned recently from the Internet:

  1. On July 6, Mark Liberman on Language Log described an interesting technique for training people to distinguish sounds from unfamiliar languages.
  2. In science fiction, Tau Ceti is one of the favourite star systems for harbouring alien life. So I was interested to learn of a discovery from 2004 explaining why it is not so suitable after all.
  3. The website is worth a bit of a browse.
  4. Earlier this year, astronomers revised their notions of what the Milky Way Galaxy looks like. It’s now supposed to look like this, as opposed to the old view which was something like this.
  5. A brief summary of the history of modern English writing left me wanting examples and elaboration.
  6. I learned that the Picasso Fish has something interesting to say about evolution.
  7. From Language Log again, I learned about one of the dark sides of the French Revolution.
  8. An article on the behaviour of parents contained no surprises, but I learned some new vocabulary from it for describing how different people interact with children.
  9. Not actually new to me, but cleaning out old emails I was reminded of two links pertaining to Mornington Crescent.
  10. A very nice video lecture about music. Worth watching. [Youtube link]

I’ll leave it at a round ten for now, and save the more recent links for another day. Or you can read them yourself.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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