Announcement: Play Elemental online

In 2007 I invented my own solitaire card game, called Elemental because the rules are based on a metaphor involving alchemical elements. I am happy to announce that I’ve been doing some PHP programming and you can now play Elemental online.

Just point your browser here. Rules, strategy tips, and other useful resources are all included on that site.

Feel free to mess around. All comments and feedback are welcome, and I’ll be particularly grateful to anyone who passes the link on to other people.

3 Responses to “Announcement: Play Elemental online”

  1. podblack Says:

    Hello! Just linked to your posts on the Skeptics of Carlos blogcircle – – hope you’ll consider making it a regular event!

  2. Alex Fink Says:

    (Here following alioth’s mention, in case you’re curious.)

    I’m finding the interface a bit cumbrous what with having to select my move type on every instance. Given that every move has (or can be made to have) a different footprint, the move type could be made inferrable from which piles of cards and spares I’ve selected, and if the interface did this inference it’d be rather sleeker. Shifting a pile into a new space could be done by marking pile and destination grid squares, abrogating the need for the compass rose buttons; this would remain distinct from transferring one card within an extremity if you continued to only require selection of the one pile for that.

    On a similar theme it would speed things up to not require a button-press to advance past the ‘results of the last move’ page.

    A neat and fresh little game, anyhow.

    [originally separate comment] Oh yeah, I forgot the critical thing about that, which is that the footprint of spare-creation would have to be regarded as the cross and not the central card.

    [originally separate comment] wait, no, single selected cards in central piles are spare creation, single selected cards in extremities are extremity transfers, there’s no confusion.

    Sorry for the spammery.

  3. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    I think every possible implementation has its own pros and cons.

    One of the advantages of doing it my way may be that I can give more meaningful error messages if the player makes a mistake (in fact, you could probably learn to play without even reading the rules, just observing by trial and error which actions are allowed and which aren’t). Also, the “results of last move” page has its advantages, for example I think it’s easier to visualise what’s going on if you can see which cards would be face-down if you were playing with real cards.

    Your approach is a reasonable alternative with its own set of advantages, and if anyone implements it that way I will certainly link to it.

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