Skepticism in reverse

The Australian Skeptics have recently announced the date of this year’s national convention, to be held here in Adelaide in October. I plan to attend, with the hope of meeting some interesting people. In the lead-up to this event, I thought I’d try to post a few items that would be of interest to skeptics. This is one of them.

Whenever intelligible phrases are discernable in speech or music that’s played backwards, we know that those phrases must have been put there by the Devil and have supernatural significance. We also know that the Australian Skeptics are indisputably a Satanic bunch if ever there was one. Reflecting upon these facts, I wondered what we might find if we took audio material published by the Australian Skeptics and played it backwards.

The Great Skeptic CD 2 (available on the Australian Skeptics’ website under “Shop”) contains, among other things, several poems by Jim Wilshire. The following is a list of phrases that can be discerned when these poems are played backwards. Audio files are included as proof.

There is no telling what you’ll find if you try a similar exercise yourself, but I think the moral is clear. When I go to the national Skeptics convention in October I will make sure I protect myself by bringing along as many holy relics as I can find.

2 Responses to “Skepticism in reverse”

  1. Richard Saunders Says:

    You’ll be please to know that I let Jim know about this and he finds amazing.

  2. podblack Says:

    Nice! Want to put it in for the Skeptics of Carlos?

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