Another news update

Enough events have accumulated in Real Life since the last time I wrote about them that it’s worth posting another summary.

Regarding my recent kitchen renovation, I have now decided on the tiles I’d like, so the next step is to make an appointment with the tiler.

Having enjoyed the two classes I did at the WEA last year, I recently booked for three more — “Singing for Beginners“, “Great World Thinkers and their Great Ideas“, and “Drawing and Painting in the Botanic Gardens“. Unfortunately the last one has been cancelled, so I’ll only be doing the first two.

The “Singing For Beginners” class has been going for two weeks already (six to go). One reason to do these courses is to meet people and hopefully make friends, and indeed I have established private communications with one other member of the class. The “Great World Thinkers and their Great Ideas” class starts on the 27th of May.

My last piece of news is that I recently bought my first mobile phone. My parents have been bugging me for ages that I should get one (isn’t that traditionally supposed to happen the other way around?), and I also thought it might come in handy for taxis. It’s an LG TU500.

The ringtone I’ve chosen is a 40 second excerpt at 96kbps from Planxty George Galiatsos by Jimmy Gregory. It sounds OK through low-tech speaker and I can’t imagine anyone might hate it, so I figured it was a good choice for a ringtone. The tune is a Celtic musician’s tribute to a Greek musician, which makes for an interesting blend.

For wallpaper, I resized something from my fractal collection:

If we are acquainted and you’d like my number, please do get in touch.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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