Highlights of the Fringe

At the Adelaide Fringe Festival this year I saw performances by Cecile Corbel, Ron Korb, the Lumina Vocal Ensemble, and others. I went to each performance with either a family member or a friend, and Mum also took me to a performance of Cycology by Linsey Pollak. I would recommend all those I have mentioned, and I bought a Cecile Corbel CD.

Then there was Womadelaide, where I not only heard various musical performers but also bought a number of craft items, including the eagle in the photograph below.


2 Responses to “Highlights of the Fringe”

  1. Pam Marlow Says:

    Hi Adrian,
    now that I can spell “hoard” I’ll visit again. In the interests of historical accuracy there were 4 pieces on the Exhibition, not 3, not that that matters. I was surprized how well you could read it considering. I thought it came up quite well, well done for your photography.
    I also enjoyed a quick skim around the rest, but didn’t follow all of the links.

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    Pam, I think you intended to add that comment to my post “Pam’s haiku on display“, rather than on this one. I’m just adding this note so that other people will realise what you’re referring to.

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