Vine tiles for kitchen

Plans to renovate my kitchen are currently under development. Which reminds me: quite some time ago, I had an idea for the wall tiles that I’d consider ideal for my kitchen.

[Update: The tile pattern that I ended up using is, in retrospect, a better choice than what I describe below.]

Unfortunately, none of the people who actually manufacture tiles seem to have come up with the same idea, which involves a vine pattern made up of two types of square tiles that can be combined in arbitrary ways. The best way to explain this idea would be with some pictures.

Suppose you had some square tiles that look like this (but more artistic, obviously):


And some more square tiles that look like this:


Then you could combine these tiles to form a vine pattern that goes in any direction you please, for example like this:


If any tile manufacturer happens to stumble upon this blog (you never know), then they are welcome to use this idea. As far as my own kitchen is concerned, however, I’m going to have to settle for something I can find in the shops.

One Response to “Vine tiles for kitchen”

  1. Kirsten Jean Says:

    I love your vine tile idea. I was also looking for something similar and found this on-line store carrying accent tiles They carry a nice collection of floral design

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