News in brief

I haven’t had time to update this blog in a while, and the pressure’s on to get everything done before the Christmas break. So here’s an ultra-brief overview of some of my recent news.

The most important thing is that my grandfather died, and I attended his funeral last Friday. All of my other grandparents have died before (see here and here), so I have none left now. In his prime, Papa was a very active figure in the community, but was reduced in his last few months to a most unenviable state, both physically and mentally. His death was anything but sudden, and in many ways came as a relief.

My sister is in India for a few months. It’s part of her medical training, to work for a while in a hospital overseas.

In November I did a couple of WEA courses, which I intended to write about, but time is short! I did two courses, namely “Wonders of Ancient Egypt” and “Magic For Beginners“.

A children’s playground near where I live has been rebuilt by the council. What makes this interesting is that ages ago the council asked local residents for opinions about what should be done with the playground, so the new version must be a reflection of the community’s decision. It certainly looks much better.


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