Giving it a good grilling

In September, I acquired a new oven/stove (i.e. what British people would call a cooker). One of the hotplates on my old stove had stopped working.

I used the grill today. This was the second time that I’ve used the grill in my new oven, but the first time that I’ve done so entirely by myself. (Last time, Dad and I cooked some beef parmigiana, of the home-made sort that consists of schnitzel topped with sliced tomato and cheddar cheese.) In fact, although I’ve helped to grill food on several occasions, today was the first time I’ve ever done so without supervision, anywhere. Nobody to ask whether or not I’m doing it right, or what I should do next.

So what did I cook for my first-ever unsupervised grilling? Fish (whiting) topped with canned asparagus and cheese. Not a particularly original recipe, but a new departure for me personally. I am pleased to say it was successful. Not perfect (and I’ve made some mental notes for next time) but definitely successful.

To see a photograph, click on this thumbnail.

Some cauliflower, heated in the microwave for a three minutes with a pinch of salt, is a good accompaniment.


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