Houseboat holiday

My sister is currently living in the town of Waikerie, continuing her medical studies. During the week from 28 September to 5 October, I took part in a houseboat holiday along the Murray River, and saw where Rebecca now lives for the first time. The houseboat was called Too Irresistible.

Relatives who joined us for this holiday (other than my immediate family) were Auntie Sue, Rosemary, Kaye, Robert, Katrina, Kate, Leah. Ellis (my sister’s fiance) was there too. Kaye joined us on Tuesday 2 October, and Robert and his family left us on Wednesday. Kate and Leah were at first apprehensive, but soon came to enjoy being on the boat.

Originally, I didn’t think that I would stay for the whole week, because I was under the impression that we would be sharing bedrooms. However, I did get a bedroom to myself, and therefore felt able to stay.

Auntie Sue took a great many photographs, including the following lucky shot of a young kookaburra being fed. (I also obtained from Sue a number of photographs of Bronwen’s wedding, and have updated the relevant post accordingly.)


I took a few photographs of my own, borrowing Sue’s camera in order to do so. Here are a couple of my pictures. The motorised canoe in the second photograph belongs to Ellis, and the passengers at the time were Ellis and Rebecca.

houseboat canoers

Waikerie is home to Havenhand Chocolates, which I visited. I intended to visit again on our final day in order to buy a few chocolate souvineers, but unfortunately the shop was closed. We also got to taste some cakes made by Rebecca’s friend Jess, who had won prizes in the local show.

On the boat, we played table games some evenings, and Sue’s family introduced us to the board game Articulate. We also played card games (Oh Hell and Jo), and I introduced my own domino game Peaks and Pits to a few new people.

One of the most memorable moments of the trip was a puppet play that several of us performed on the boat for everyone else. I will elaborate on this in a separate post.

At the end of the holiday, we wrote limericks in the houseboat’s guestbook. Here are two examples of verses that I contributed.

The sights by the river were grand
Whether seen from the boat or from land.
Photographer Sue
Captured view after view
Of birds, water, trees, sun and sand.

The young ones at first were quite wary
For the journey seemed awfully scary.
But the pair, Kate and Leah,
Soon conquered that fear
Because houseboats are fun for a fairy.

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