Back and painted

All the rooms in my home have now been painted with my choice of colours, the bathroom having been done before. Renovation decisions still to come include kitchen furnishings, curtains, light fittings and floors. Check the Domestic category for new information.

Top left: Bedroom. A sunset theme with shades of purple and peachy-orange makes for a lovely atmosphere that I will enjoy sleeping and relaxing in. Dulux colours: Bloom (architraves and skirting boards), 3/4-strength Mauve Organdie (walls); 1/4-strength Lavender Water (ceiling).

Lavender Water is not in the main Dulux range (so you won’t find it in Mycolour nor on colour cards from Dulux stores), but it’s in the extended range as defined by the big book they keep behind the counter.

Top right: Kitchen. Dominated by lime green, this room’s theme is of a citrus grove, and from now on I’ll cook every meal in the midst of the wilderness. Dulux colours: Wicked Green (architraves and skirting boards); Citrus Lime (walls); Seduction (ceiling).

Bottom left: Office. The pale daffodil colours are subtle enough to be conductive to a working environment, yet bright enough to mark it as my own. Dulux colours: Butterblond (architraves and skirting boards); Pale Daffodil (walls); Easter Morning (ceiling).

Bottom right: Living room. I guess this colour theme could be described as lakeside; definitely something aquatic, anyway. Dulux colours: Sea Spray (architraves and skirting boards); Adam (walls); Frosty (ceiling). In reality, “Sea Spray” is noticeably greener than it appears in the picture.

Doors and window sills are Fair Bianca in the kitchen, passageway and office, and White elsewhere.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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