Olivigne photographs

I am currently staying at my parents’ place while my own home is being renovated by professional painters. To entertain readers of this blog while I’m away from home, I thought I’d post a few photographs. I hope you like them.

Here are two pictures showing the north and some of the west face of my parents’ house. I like the way the dog is posing under the tree in the first one. The yellow shed inside the houseyard (joined to the garage) is Dad’s office.


Here are some photographs of the garden.

garden1 garden2a

Two more. The cement shed on the right is the lab in which microscope slides are prepared for use in Dad’s geology business.

garden3 garden4

As this is a farm, and here are some pictures of the sheds. There is a tree in both pictures that you can use to orient yourself. In the right-hand image you can see the house (including a chimney) behind the orchard, and next to it the back of Dad’s office and the garage. On the horizon is a communication tower which is a familiar landmark in these parts.

No Australian farm is complete without a flying fox in the scrub. Readers from overseas may not be aware that a flying fox is not only an animal, but also our word for this type of outdoor play equipment.


A rocking horse (left) and a pair of alpaccas (right). The rocking horse was re-painted by Dad several years ago, but the horse itself is much older. The alpaccas can be seen behind some dead wood, with a dam and the town of Maitland on the hill in the background.

My parents have bought a house in Maitland for their retirement. Here is a picture, and next to it a photo showing how Guten is growing up.


I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection. There are, of course, a multitude of objects that can’t be seen in any of these photographs (e.g. there’s a spa under the shadehouse enclosure) but I’ve aimed to give you a general impression of the environs.

Two photographs originally posted as part of this collection have since been moved here (and that post has been backdated).


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