Fluent in gibberish

I like to speak gibberish, and also sing it. It is the act of spontaneously creating sounds, with no forethought, aiming for the cadence of natural language (basically it’s just improvisation using the mouth instead of a musical instrument). Speaking gibberish, I can pretend to be fluent in a foreign language, although the practical advantages of that are admittedly few and far between (at least I don’t have to actually think of any real lyrics when singing lullabies to young children).

In my fantasies, my gibberish is considered by experts to be the highest of improvisational arts. In real life, it sometimes mildly impresses people for about two minutes as a minor party piece. Tonight I have uploaded two samples of gibberish, in the hope that readers will tell me that it is, in fact, the highest of improvisational arts.

First, a sample of gibberish singing. Written down, I suppose it would look something like this:

akhaimaan dron siba
iorast ombre
aioma shantrimo
qhan samba chombre

Second, a sample of gibberish poetry. I suppose the transciption might look something like this:

Lari! Lari! Makharan sum barist
Afwen dakasta børan oradist
Makhanan dish dabarad khoramoa
Hachim! Khachim! Hashidet, haratoa.

2 Responses to “Fluent in gibberish”

  1. Alioth Says:

    How (much) do you practice this art?

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    Whenever I’m in the mood, which is quite a lot. For example, if I go for a walk and a noisy dog barks at me through someone’s fence, I often sing gibberish to the dog. I don’t know what the dogs think of this, but if nothing else it helps to drown out the noise of the barking.

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