Third grade report cards

Below is a photograph of my school report cards from Year Three (1985).

I particularly like the bit that says “An interesting sense of humour“. In other words: MWAhahahahahaha!!!


Other stories might also help to illustrate the sort of student I was back then. The following comes from my Year Four teacher, who submitted this anecdote in writing for my 21st birthday in 1998.

It was end of year exam time. Everyone, including Adrian, was furiously putting their ideas on paper. Imagine my surprise at the end of the lesson when Adrian handed up a blank sheet of paper. When questioned about the lack of writing I was told it was written in invisible ink and if I held it up at the window I would be able to read it. This was perfectly true. Apparently Adrian’s pen had run out of ink the lesson prior to his exam but he had relentlessly carried on. Needless to say he re-did his story using a new pen. Some teachers just don’t seem to have a sense of adventure!


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