Favourite spelling error

Do you have a favourite spelling error? One that made you cry with delight when you noticed it in print? That you have vowed never to tell the perpetrator about lest they fix it and deprive the world of a good laugh? I do, and I’m going to share it. I’m also going to recommend a nice place to eat.

To understand why this error is so funny, it helps to be familiar with Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series. I’m sure you all are, but here is a quotation from Mort to refresh your memory:

Reannuals are plants that grow backwards in time. You sow the seed this year and they grow last year. Mort’s family specialized in distilling the wine from reannual grapes. These were very powerful and much sought after by fortune-tellers, since of course they enabled them to see the future. The only snag was that you got the hangover the morning before, and had to drink a lot to get over it.

Got that? Well, the spelling error is on the menu from a small North Indian restaurant/takeaway not far from where I live. It’s under the entry for fish curry, which reads:

Fish in a thick sauce of onions, tomatoes, tamarind, fish gravy and traditional time reversed spices.

Time-reversed spices! I love it! Of course, it’s meant to say time-revered, but I love the idea that spices grown on reannual plants from the Discworld are a traditional part of North Indian cuisine.

2 Responses to “Favourite spelling error”

  1. Sarah V. Says:

    That hands-down beats the only one I can think of offhand, which was the time the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists published a book review on their website of a book concerning some kind of public health aspect of gynaecology which now escapes me and described it as ‘essential reading for anyone interested in pubic health’.

  2. bioephemera Says:

    Sweet! I was not familiar with the Discworld reference – in that context, a great typo indeed.

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