Favourite eighties computer game

Nostalgia time. What was your favourite pre-1990 computer game? Mine was The Seven Spirits of Ra by Macrocom and SirTech, a game based on the Ancient Egyptian myth of Osiris.

The link goes to a version hosted at the Home of the Underdogs, where you can find lots of old games. To play them, you’ll generally need a copy of DOSBox, which I have recommended before.

You can find copies of the game on other websites, but most of them don’t work, because modern hardware is not compatible with the original game. The version on the Underdogs site, however, has been hacked so that it will work (in conjunction with DOSBox).

At the time of writing, the Underdogs website does not contain a copy of the manual, so I have uploaded my own copy (as a collection of zipped JPEG images). I have also uploaded a copy of the game itself, which is identical to the one on the Underdogs site, but wrapped with just one compression algorithm instead of two.

The manual not only provides information necessary for playing the game, but also contains an impressive overview of Ancient Egyptian mythology. In fact, when I studied Ancient History in eighth grade at school, the teacher invited me to read an excerpt to the class. How many computer games can you say that about?

See also this interesting article.

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