Bronwen and Daniel

For personal reasons, I’ve been taking a break from the blog. There is a lot of family news from over the last few months for me to report, some good, some bad. I’m going to spread it out a little rather than tell all in one go.

For starters, on 10 March 2007, my cousin Bronwen married her brother’s wife brother, Daniel Minchin.


Left photo: Daniel, Bronwen, Leah, Robert, Katrina, Mikayla, Anniekah, Kate.

Right photo: Back row: Me, Dad, David, Sue, Robert, Rebecca, Ellis, Darryl, Leah, Brian, Desri. Middle row: Helen, Mum, Katrina, Daniel, Bronwen, Laura, Rosemary, Kaye. Front row: Mikayla, Anniekah, Kate.

I enjoyed catching up with my relatives at the wedding. I have particularly fond memories of chatting to Bron’s eight-year old-daughter Mikayla about music (especially about the compositions I wrote when I was her age) while seated together at the piano. Mikayla had recieved a keyboard the previous Christmas, and had obviously learned that music can be fun.

As a joke, we gave Daniel a false (paper) beard so that he would fit into our family, in which almost all the men have beards.

Much more recently than the wedding (in the first fortnight of June), I visited Bronwen, Daniel, Mikayla and Anniekah at their place. Auntie Helen was there too. Bronwen’s birthday is June 10 and mine’s June 12, so it was basically a combined party. I had a wonderful time: those kids are so much fun to be with – and I saw Mikayla’s keyboard for the first time.

Also, apparently Mikayla had been doing something on magic tricks at school (underlyingly to teach basic presentation skills) and seemed enthusiastic about this. Because I think that such interests should be encouraged, I suggested that perhaps we should get together to make a show of doing a small magic show for each other sometime. We might do that over Christmas.

(On the topic of magic, why not treat yourself to a video?)

While at Bron’s place I received, as a birthday present, a framed photograph of the children in the fancy car at the wedding. Here is a picture of the picture – click to enlarge.

The girls from left to right are Kate (Bronwen’s brother’s oldest daughter, or Daniel’s sister’s oldest daughter, depending on which way you look at it), Anniekah, Mikayla and Leah (Kate’s younger sister).


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