Pet pictures

Here are some photographs of pets belonging to my family either now or in the past. Most of them weren’t taken by me.

First, two photographs of a kitten called Rustler (a name I nominated). Unfortunately, Rustler ran away when some outdoor renovations were being done at my parents’ place, so we no longer have this particularly good-looking cat. In the second photograph, Rustler is being held by my sister. Both photographs were taken by Rob Marlow.

Rustler Rebecca and Rustler

Below on the left is a photo of two cats from the more distant past. On top is Spike, and underneath is Thirteena. Thirteena was not named after bad luck, but after the estimated number of splotches on her body (which fused together as she grew). I took this photograph myself.

The photo on the right doesn’t show a pet at all, but hey, close enough. This is me when I was about four years old, holding a toad.

Spike and Thirteena Me with a toad

Next, some dog photos. In the left photo is Woodja (the name was Mum’s idea — as in “Woodja do this? Woodja do that?”) and in the right photo is Oil (Dad was working on an oil rig at the time and we wanted to joke that we had struck Oil before he had — once again, the name was entirely Mum’s fault idea). We still have both dogs, but they are a lot older now. Photographs by Rob Marlow.

Woodja Oil

Back to cats, and herewith some pictures of me lying down on the soft grass at my parents’ place, paying attention to their current cat (who has no official name, and several unofficial ones). I stroked the cat with one hand and held the camera in the other.

Me and a cat, on the lawn

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  1. Helen Warman Says:

    Interestig information, Adrian. I liked the pictures of Woodja and Oil because I know them.

    I am not very computer literate and I have never seen anyone’s blog before.

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