Clifftops and cousins and other curious things

Dad, my sister and I went to the beach for a few hours today. The other two went sailing on the catamaran. That isn’t my thing, so I entertained myself on the beach. I took several photographs, of which the following is the best.

It’s the north beach at Balgowan, on Yorke Peninsula, as viewed from the eating area outside the Clifftop Kiosk. Click the thumbnail to enjoy.

View of Balgowan from Clifftop Kiosk

Later this evening, Uncle Rodney’s family (eight people if you include my cousins’ boyfriends) came for a few hours, beginning with tea, for which Grandnan and Papa were also brought out from the retirement village. It was good; we had tea out on the lawn and acknowledged both Christmas past and New Years Day yet to come.

Several years ago, I gave Grandnan the following magnificent wood carving of an eagle killing a snake, which I originally found in a second-hand shop. It’s taller than knee-height; against my leg it reaches roughly to the base of my shorts. In the village, Grandnan no longer has enough room for it, so tonight, after seeking her approval, I gave it to Rodney.

Wood carving of eagle and snake

2 Responses to “Clifftops and cousins and other curious things”

  1. Rodney Says:

    It is a magnificent carving

    Are there many like it and where did it originally come from

  2. Flesh-eating Dragon Says:

    From a second-hand shop on South Road is the best I can do, unfortunately. It didn’t come with a label.

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