Grandma’s photograph

Esmeraldus (aka Stacie) has asked me to post more photographs. Alert to the fact that Esmeraldus didn’t actually say they had to be photographs that I’ve taken personally, I’ve decided to share a photograph of a photograph that wasn’t.

This seaside sunset picture was taken by my late grandmother. When the relevant set of photographs were developed, this one came back with a sticker on it saying something like, “Congratulations on an excellent photograph” and advertising the service of having it enlarged and framed. Encouraged by her grandchildren, she accepted the offer, and the enlarged photograph hung on my grandparents’ wall thereafter. And now it’s on mine.

I took the picture of the picture from an oblique angle in order to minimise problems with reflections. I realise this means you don’t really see it properly, but it’s much better skewed than obscured; an image of me holding a camera would entirely spoil it. Click on the thumbnail to enjoy.

Photograph by Grandma

One Response to “Grandma’s photograph”

  1. esmeraldus Says:

    Oh, that is VERY nice, thank you.

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