After years of making various intermittent attempts, I once succeeded in inventing a pronounceable permutation of the English alphabet. Here it is – quidjfravzgembtchowlkspynx – and here’s a demonstration.

It contains each letter of the alphabet exactly once, and contains five syllables: (1) QUIDJ (2) FRAVZ (3) GEMB (4) TCHOWLK (5) SPYNX. You’ll recognise at a glance that “dj” is pronounced the same as just “j”, “tchowlk” is pronounced the same as just “cholk”, and that it’s reasonable to expect the “b” to be silent, as in “thumb”. This redundancy is a key part of what makes the solution possible.

As a hypothetical English word it’s not 100% plausible, but it’s close enough by any reasonable standard. (If you wish to be pedantic, I challenge you to do better.)

Here’s a table showing letters in this order from left to right, and alphabetically from top to bottom.


Feel free to share your ideas about practical applications for this word.


You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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