Ancient piano compositions

This is a follow-up to my earlier post about music, and is about the songs and tunes that I composed on the piano between approximately six and ten years of age.

The catchiest tune I wrote back then (from one of my earliest compositions) was probably this:

Excerpt from an old tune of mine

Some songs were dedicated to members of my family. For example, when my cousins Rosemary and Kaye were very young, I wrote songs “Rosemary Rabbit” and “Kaye the Koala”. The two tunes are similar, but I wrote Rosemary’s first. As for the lyrics, I only remember the first lines:

  • Rosemary Rabbit ate a carrot on a hollow log.
  • Kaye the Koala fell down a tree, and Kaye the Koala broke her knee.

Adult readers might notice that breaking a knee is somewhat less pleasant than eating a carrot, but you musn’t expect a six-year-old to be attentive to such distinctions. Here is the first line from Kaye the Koala. The second line is exactly the same.

Excerpt from Kaye the Koala

I’d like to finish this post by sharing digitised samples from a recording that I made back then. I have chosen three excerpts to share in this manner.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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