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In my second-ever blog post I mentiond the domino game Peaks & Pits, which I invented. It has now been added to the index of invented games on John McLeod’s website, where it is summarised as: ‘A domino game by Adrian Morgan in which players aim to make “slopes” – playing tiles so that the numbers progress either upwards or downwards – changes of direction are penalised‘.

That index also contains a couple of other games that I’ve invented, but I’m far more pleased with Peaks and Pits than I am with the card games Suitmatch and Counterweight. I still think those two games contain good ideas, but I no longer regard them as good games overall. More on this in a future post. Peaks and Pits, on the other hand, seems to me as worthy as any domino game that has ever been invented. I’d love to hear the opinions of other people who try it.

[Update: Since then, I’ve also invented the solitaire card game Elemental, which you can play online.]

Anyway, this seems a good time to recommend John’s card game website, By browsing it you can learn about games from around the world and probably find a few that intrigue you. A website about card games has many advantages over a book. Books about card games are almost always out of date before they are written, because they get their information from older books about card games and not by observing how people actually play them in the real world. They are also limited in the variety of games they cover, which are naturally biased towards the most famous ones. A website such as can incorporate the variety that is lacking from published works, and by responding to reader feedback can ensure that it accurately reflects the variety of ways in which people play them.

Before submitting information about the games you play and how you play them, please read the policy page, which contains good, common-sense advice.

Speaking of card game websites, David Parlett’s website is also very much worth a visit, particularly for the information on historic card games.


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