Here are two pictures of me wearing glasses. The first picture shows the glasses I wore when I originally published this blog post, and the second shows a then-future pair, as I think it makes sense to show them together.


And here is me wearing sunglasses. As above, the first picture shows the sunglasses I had when I originally published this post, and the second a then-future acquirement.


Everyone in my immediate family wears glasses of one sort or another. Dad and Rebecca wear permanent glasses (I mentioned Dad’s here), Mum wears reading glasses for close-up work, and I wear mine when I want to watch television, scan items on a supermarket shelf, admire a view, etc. I’ve always found it tiring to wear them for long periods of time, though, so for example I take them off in the commercials if I’m watching television.

I was resistant to sunglasses for a long time because of the social stereotypes associated with them, but I think the style shown here — with lenses attached to the frames at the top only — is relatively cliche-free. It’s not a style you see much, and that helps.


You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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