Bedsheet garment

I once, on a whim, made a garment out of a green single bedsheet. It’s somewhat like a toga, but different. The design is entirely my own idea, and could be a traditional costume in a fictional primitive culture in a hot climate.

First, some pictures of the end product (click to see the full-size photographs).

Bedsheet garment, front viewBedsheet garment, back view

Now here’s how to make it. First you need a single bedsheet, represented by the rectangle below on which points have been labelled A, B, P, Q, R, S, X, Y and Z. On mine, the distance from A to P is about 65cm and the distance from P to R is about 40cm.

Bedsheet garment diagram

Cut small holes (for threading string or elastic through) at all labelled points except Y and Z.

Then get some elastic, and use one end of it to tie points A and X firmly together. Feed the elastic through P and Q twice, and then use the other end of the elastic to tie points B and X firmly together. You now have points A, B and X tied together by the ends of the elastic, and points P and Q held together by the midpoint of the elastic. How tight should the elastic be? When the bedsheet is taut, the elastic should be about one and a quarter times its relaxed length.

Tie points R and S together with a short piece of strong string. Manufacture is now complete.

To put it on, first be naked, and get a belt ready. Lay the garment flat on the ground like this (please note how the picture corresponds to the description above, in particular the position of the elastic and string):

Bedsheet garment on floor

Facing the A-B end of the sheet, secure the Y-Z end around your waist using a belt. This step can require some practise, because until you develop the right technique you may feel that you don’t have enough hands to hold the sheet in place while securing it there with the belt. It helps to have marked the midpoint between Y and Z with texta, so that you can keep it exactly in front of you. Wrap the Y-Z end around your waist by positioning this midpoint correctly first (above your belly button), then hold the excess bedsheet material behind you with one fist before using the middle of the belt to hold it in place (the excess material will now be tucked over the belt behind you). Then use both hands to tie the belt at the front. Finally, fold the end of the bedsheet over the belt.

The view down should now look something like this (ignore the texta marks in the photograph; they have to do with speculations on my part on how to improve the garment and are completely irrelevant here):

Bedsheet garment, half on

Your head goes through the two lines of elastic that join A-X-B to P-Q. One arm goes through A-X and the other goes through B-X.

Now shift the position of the elastic so that it runs diagonally across your chest, not straight down your back (i.e. in front of you, not behind you). Once you’ve done this, fine-tune the position of the material in front of a mirror, and you’re done.

The garment is extremely comfortable, but I don’t recommend wearing it for long periods in public. If you’re male, the cotton won’t hold anything down, and is nowhere near as comfortable to wear over underwear. If you’re female, the garment wasn’t designed with your body shape in mind and you are therefore exploring unknown territory.

You are welcome to add your thoughts.

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