Special places on the farm

This is a post about locations on my parents’ farm that have some special significance or story to tell. To start with, here’s a picture of one of them. We call it the crocodile tree.

You can see why. Green lichen growing on a bumpy surface resembles crocodile skin, and as for that gaping wide mouth . . . I often played on this log as a child, but Mum remembers when the tree was standing upright and used as a home by owls. There are still mouse bones scattered nearby.

Another special location on the farm is Skeleton Park. It’s really just a scrub to which sheep and cows that die in the paddocks are sometimes moved out of the way, but its sentimental links come from the way that us kids used to play down there by assembling skeletons of fictional beasts out of all the sheep and cattle bones lying around.

The third and final location I wish to describe is Hadrian’s Havenue. There’s nothing intrinsically special about it – it’s a row of trees, as most avenues are. But by sheer coincidence, those trees were planted on the day I was born, so it was named after me and also with punning reference to Hadrian’s Wall.

One Response to “Special places on the farm”

  1. Elsha Says:

    Aren’t old trees great? The skeleton park thing is kind of creepy, I mean its a great educational and creative inspiration source, however, those are BONES! :P Usually when something dies here (deer or dog or roadkill) the coyotes, vultures, and dogs take care of the scraps..

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