On the basis that a blog should be more than just a journal of current events and thoughts, I intend to generate material by rummaging through archives and memories.

The idea of a political movement to campaign for the repeal of the Law of Gravity was first discussed in email with Laurabelle, and later on and other places. The bit we had the most fun with was the naming of the international branches. These were (are?):

American branch: FAMOUS

Freedom of Acceleration Movement Over the United States

Australian branch: ACACIA

Anti-Compulsory-Acceleration Council In Australia

Belgian branch: BUGRIT

Belgian Universal Gravity Resistance Intelligence Taskforce

English branch: MAGPIE

Movement Against Gravity’s Power In England

Israeli branch: IGLOO

Israeli Gravitational Lamentations Organised Organisation

Swedish branch: SWAG

Swedes Against Gravity

Credits to Laurabelle, Pia, Claire Allcock, Itai Fiat and Jens Ayton.

Sad to report, the law of gravity has not been repealed, and meanwhile, a lot more people have died from falling. If you think the fight should go on, you can leave a comment or even spread the word.


2014: An Irish branch MIRAGE (Members of the Irish Anti-Gravity Endeavour) has been formed in negotations with Stan Carey.

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One Response to “Anti-gravity”

  1. itai Says:

    Do not despair! A day will come when the proletariat shall rise, and, carried by its own momentum, drift away into space.

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