Why “Outer Hoard”?

So, why did I choose Outer Hoard as a name for a blog?

Dragons have hoards, and I’ve had an online dragon persona since the nineties.

This all started in an email conversation with Marian Rosenberg (an American Internet friend) in which she asked me, “May I assume that you have one of those wonderful Strine accents?“, and I replied, “You have my permission to assume absolutely anything you like“.

Marian replied, “In that case, I’ll assume that you’re an eight foot tall flesh-eating dragon wearing brilliant orange sneakers and a purple and green striped cape (with silver lining)“. I liked the idea, and I’ve used it as an online persona ever since.

A “hoard” implies a collection of treasure, which a blog contains in the form of thoughts, memories, information and so forth. But why “outer”? The way I look at it, a dragon’s true hoard (the inner hoard) is the big, well-protected pile of treasures in a cave, but there will probably also be a few treasures scattered outside the cave to serve as a lure for any tasty human beings who might be passing by. This is the outer hoard, for which this blog is named.

I really like Anitra’s description of a dragon’s role in life, as a guardian of creativity.

3 Responses to “Why “Outer Hoard”?”

  1. skepbitch Says:

    Love the name, love the story behind it too…

  2. Precious Awakening Says:

    Congratulations! I’ve nominated you for the Liebster award. Please click the following link to accept it:


  3. Adrian Morgan Says:

    Precious Awakening: Thanks for the nomination, and for drawing attention to the very first post on this blog — this is where it all started. However, looking at the questions you want me to answer, I see that three of them require me to give feedback on your blog, which I’ve never read. That is too self-promotional for my taste, and I’m uncomfortable with it. So I’ll pass.

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