Nine CDs

Here is a photograph of nine music CDs that I’ve selected from my personal collection, arranged in a grid.

To go with that, here is a medley of audio samples. It contains a thirty-second excerpt from each album in the photograph, and the albums are represented in the same order as they appear in the photograph, reading (like a page) left to right and then top to bottom.

Excerpts contain lyrics in French, English, something African, Swedish, and Hebrew. Some other languages are also represented on the albums (as you might have guessed from the Irish and Welsh on the covers).

Some notes on the topic of sharing music. A few thirty-second excerpts on a web page never harmed anyone, but sharing entire tracks would cross a line. In private correspondence, I see nothing wrong with copying a few tracks for a friend, but would draw the line at entire albums. I have occasionally bought albums after being sent one or more tracks by a friend, so I believe I practise what I preach when I say that copyright holders benefit from moderate free sharing.

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